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Support the server!

Rank Includes:
Rank Includes:

ALL donations made to the server will be used to maintain the upkeep of the server, such as paying our server host & regulating new plugins to make your SMP experience the best!

Until automated payments are set up, if you wish to purchase a rank - Contact oJoeyo on discord (oJoeyo#0420) or alternatively, contact us by email on

Current available ranks:

- /nick (In yellow)
- Basic yellow trail/wings
- Access to /hat

- /nick (All colours)
- HUGE variety of custom trails/wings
- Access to /hat
- PetBlocks (Customised player head pets)

Important Information 

All donations made are not refundable - This goes for accidental purchases or if you have been banned from the server

If you purchase the Donator rank, you can upgrade to Donator+ by paying the difference!

If you have any questions or queries regarding the server ranks or if you've had an issue with your payment, feel free to contact us at

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